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The BriteSmile teeth-whitening procedure has been available in South Africa since March 2003 and it is growing at an amazing rate, with more and more dentists becoming associated with BriteSmile every month. The procedure has been introduced in more than 80 countries since 1999 and up to today millions of satisfied customers have had a Britesmile whitening.

These figures reflect the good results of the procedure – over 98% of BriteSmile patients are satisfied with the treatment. In just a little over an hour, your teeth are whitened by more than 9 shades (on average 9.3), which makes it economical for tourists to have the treatment while visiting South Africa.

The procedure is very safe for several reasons

ONE .. only an approved professional dentist may perform the procedure.

TWO .. the LED light used is very gentle; no potentially harmful laser or UV rays.

THREE .. BriteSmile gel contains just 15% peroxide compared to the 35%+ of other light activated procedures.

BriteSmile is available to every dentist in Africa – just ask your dentist if he or she is a BriteSmile associate. If not, they can contact BriteSmile Africa for more details or go to the contact form for dentists. Links to associated dentists – who have already been approved – are to the left of this page.

Product Comparison
treatment time About 1 hour ¹
color change An average of 9.3 shades
effectiveness Excellent
notes • immediate results
• long lasting
• less fadeback
• safe & comfortable
• performed by a dental professional
Whitening Trays
treatment time 10-14 days
color change An average of 8 shades
effectiveness Good
notes • trays
• results in about 2 weeks
• self-administered
Whitening Strips
treatment time 7-14 days
color change 3-5 shades
effectiveness Moderate
notes • easy to use
• no immediate result
Whitening Toothpaste
treatment time 1 month +
color change 1-2 shades
effectiveness Maintenance only
notes • superficial stains only
• loss of results with discontinued use
¹ Not including prep time
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How much does the BriteSmile procedure cost?
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I am always in front of an audience so a good smile is important. BriteSmile has made my job easy.

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